MSC Cruises Maiden Voyage. Infinity pool
what will be the cost savings due
to weight reduction of the ship?
will it have a positive impact
on the environment?
regular material
lightweight material
eumar brings unique lightweight composite stone products to marine and offshore industry bathrooms.

Our invented exclusive formula for the GelCeramic Lightweight® composite stone material allows us to reduce product weight by up to 50%.

up to


weight savings

weight of the product

material bulk density

regular material
lightweight material

significantly impacts
cost saving

reduce environmental

increase ROI

Within 10-15 years of cruise ship operations it significantly impacts cost savings and a reduces environmental impact, and therefore ensures the highest possible ROI for cruise ship owners.

weight saving references

lightweight composite stone washbasins finalist for

Product of the Year 2021

Lightweight composite stone washbasins finalist for
Product of the Year 2021

The Seatrade Cruise Awards create a platform to highlight industry-leading businesses and individuals that will help shape the future of cruising for years to come.

Lightweight composite stone washbasins winner for
The Sustainability Award 2021

Cruise Ship Interior Awards recognising and rewarding the excellence
and innovation within our industry.

Wonder how much

of weight

of fuel

of CO2 emission footprint

Wonder how much

millions of savings within next 10-15 years on vessel exploitation

can we achieve on your project?

Individual concept projects.

Starting from 50 bathrooms. at phone call distance!

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