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The sophistication of the Origami washbasin is made apparent by its complex design and geometric lines, and is suitable for unique spaces designed with the highest of expectations.


The Origami washbasin is unique and therefore deserves a unique setting. Pastel colors and silky matte finishes are best suited to complement and highlight this exceptional product. The basin, inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, simultaneously evokes dynamic movement and peaceful contemplation.

Sophisticated additions

The illuminated Tondo mirror adds a sophisticated and practical touch to any bathroom, and perfectly complements the Origami washbasin.

Also embracing practicality in the most sophisticated way is the electric towel rail, which is available in a chrome or black finish and can be installed in any orientation or position. Impressively, if two or more elements are installed they can provide bathroom heating.

Minimalist engineering

The distinctive thin profile of the Origami washbasin is achieved via sophisticated engineering techniques. This has ensured a contemporary aesthetic free of clutter and distraction.

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