Projects where we are adding stars: The Marella Explorer 2

In 2019 Cadiz, Spain, the SkySea Golden Era cruise ship underwent a major refurbishment in order to become Marella Explorer 2, and Eumar was an integral part of the project.

Over the years we have been commissioned to create some stunning statement pieces for presidential bathrooms. Junior, Executive and President Suites on Marella Explorer 2 feature unforgettable views and bespoke Eumar washbasin, furniture, bathtubs

eumar - the obvious choice for refurbishment

When Eumar was contracted to supply bathrooms for the refurbishment of the Marella Explorer 2, we promised to deliver outstanding results, and we kept that promise.

As a result of delivering the best possible designed product and being involved in the design process from an early stage we came up with some modifications which reflect a new Split family member – Split X.  That is based on our award-winning Split design series.

Split x – beautiful balance between form and function

The design is named after its primary unique aesthetical feature – creating a contemporary split or separation between surfaces. Its sculptural design and integrated functionality will charm and highlight any small bathroom.

The Split collection expresses a unique design identity. It is distinguished by its clean lines and functional, integrated amenities. 

bathtub in a cruise ship cabin's bathroom

We help our clients to offer exclusive vacation experiences and retreat in the most spacious luxury cruise suite bathrooms. For example, relaxing in a bathtub after a long day at the shore would be amazing. Inspired by this idea, we decided to add our Stefano bathtub to the bathroom concept.

Bathtub Stefano unlike any other on the market might be adapted exactly to the niche situation with millimeter precision. It is perfect for new build and refurbishment projects. Our invented exclusive formula for a GelCermaic Lightweight® composite stone material allows to  reduce the bathtub’s weight by up to 50%. Besides, within 10-15 years of cruise ship operation, it significantly impacts cost savings and a reduced environmental impact and therefore ensures obtaining the highest return of invest for cruise ship owners.

important aspects of building a cruise ship bathroom

Cruise ships, despite their massive size, are still subject to extreme weather conditions, so we had to make sure that passenger cosmetic amenities will be safe regardless of the ship’s movement. We believe this is a must-have function in any cruise ship bathroom.

As space in cruise ship bathrooms is seriously restricted the ergonomic layout of our bathroom allows plenty of room to move and means that the bathroom is comfortable and functional regardless of the small size.

extremely proud of the end result

Using our 30 years of experience and knowledge, enables us to provide the correct sanitary ware products. With this project we are extremely proud of the end result and wish all passengers on this amazing vessel a fantastic journey. 

If you are interested to see more examples of our approach to cruise ship bathroom excellences, click here.

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