Projects where we are adding stars: Concept hotel in Austria

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! We think our concept bathroom, designed for a hotel in Austria, deserves a WOW! We believe this concept carries all the hallmarks of great Eumar design.

the bathroom as a sanctuary

There was a time when people viewed bathrooms purely as a utility room, a necessary one for sure, but one that was often no more than an afterthought when it came to designing a pleasing and aesthetically satisfying space.
At Eumar we see the bathroom as a sanctuary, a place to destress, relax and luxuriate in opulent style.It was with this quest in mind that we set about designing this amazing bathroom.

The lengthy towel holder and LED spotlight placed below it serves to visually expand the countertop, creating a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Coupled with the convenient shelf and rimless wastebin, these elements are perfectly balanced to maximize limited space, with nothing out of place or crowded together.

The mirror is, as always, the focal point of the bathroom, and here we’ve opted for the Ambi Due mirror, but we’ve added some extremely important extras. An anti-fogging heating element ensures that the mirror is usable even after the steamiest shower, while cosmetic zoom mirror is great for applying make-up and other delicate tasks.

Our Stefano bathtub beautifully complements the rest of the design, and is a study in elegant geometric lines and ergonomics. Created using our unique Creacore moulding technique, the tub is seamless and visually stunning.

For ultimate convenience and a sleek look, those with a modern taste can’t look past the rimless glass separation between the two areas shower corner and toilet, creating the impression of personal space. For those preferring a shower, we’ve added the Vigo shower with a stone slate effect and entirely created using our silky-matte Creacore. The fact that it is a solid, seamless object that is totally nonporous enhances hygiene and makes maintenance and cleaning far easier than with standard showers featuring separate sections that are assembled on site. The T-line shelf in the shower area is perfectly situated for ease-of-use and guest comfort. Beautiful and practical – two key aims of every Eumar design perfectly illustrated in this concept bathroom.

designed to inspire, made to experience

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