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amelie collection

Stylish, modern

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The Amelie collection has everything you could possibly wish for from a vanity unit. Designed to suit even the smallest bathrooms, the contemporary design and style of the Amelie collection will make your bathroom truly stand out. Visitors and guests will be amazed by the stylish simplicity this collection will bring to your home, hotel room, cafe or other establishment.

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modern square edges

Modern square edges meet natural rounded forms. You will love the clean look supplied by a hidden drainpipe – offering excellent functionality without aesthetic compromise. A practical yet subtle raised edge not only prevents water from spilling over, but it also provides a safe surface for items like hand soap and lotion.

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Elegant and unique

An elegant and unique towel opening can be added to the sides of each model. A recessed center console provides an elegant separation from the wet area and serves as a generous shelf surface, providing an intelligent and safe storage space for toiletries or other necessities. It is also possible to outfit a glass cup holder and a stylishly practical semi-recessed, integrated soap dispenser system.

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The spout

The spout has been raised to achieve an elegant and lightweight appearance, creating a product that fits in perfectly with contemporary architectural. With thin proportions and pure composition of both round and square forms, Amelie offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to bathroom design choices.

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Ergonomic creations

It almost defies logic that a vanity as modest as Amelie could provide all the functionality that it does. And yet… Amelie is fitted with an extremely elegant and spacious bowl with a hidden slope drain, designed with a unique shape and very practical towel rail and shelf for small bathroom amenities.

It is no secret that back-wall faucets are becoming increasingly popular, however the additional preparation required during the construction process has LED to a great deal of unrealized potential.

Additionally to the upper shelf of the washbasin, Amelie has also been designed to accommodate wall mounted faucet installation even without wall preparation. This sophisticated innovation makes this stylish and modern product unique and extremely functional.

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