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handwashing stations

Redefining hand hygiene importance and location spots

Hands are most contaminated parts of our body as we touch public surfaces like door knobs, handrails, remote controls or shaking hands with each other. Bacteria spread is a huge problem and costs billions to healthcare industry.

hand washing by the entrance

Only a few people will go to the public lavatory to wash their hands when they enter your building. But the majority would wash their hands if the handwashing station was installed right by the entrance. 

Eumar has developed new and innovative handwashing experience for the public spaces so that hygiene will be on the stage.

Think again!

Luxury hotel design - surgical standard hygiene

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The collection of modular elements characterized by an ongoing play between functionality and design. Vini, Vidi, vichi! Most popular sizes with 24H dispatch guarantee.

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The washbasin’s striking bowl lends it an almost sculptural appearance – an effect that is further heightened by the monolithic form of the body of the basin. The minimalist design concept lends the washbasin a timelessly modern appearance, with its easy-to-clean surfaces consistently and harmoniously complemented by the simpledesign of the tap.
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cradle of hygiene

starting from 50 bathrooms

Cradle of hygiene is multifunctional, aesthetically perfected, completely contactless in management, and produced from 100% antibacterial СreaСore composite stone. Cradle is set in the center of attention. This is the product, that thanks to its ability to attract attention, raises awareness of hand hygiene. It shows your caring for your clients and provides you reliance and loyalty of your customers. Safety is the key.
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The hygibay elegantly and subtly combine all the functional aspects of a hand-washing environment in Healthcare, whilst at the same time providing an ergonomically perfect and convenient area of comfort, but also set highest hygiene and esthetic standard.
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Hygipill is more than just a washbasin. The unique design of this washbasin represents complete sanitation, and is fully separated from outer surfaces. It has been designed to cover all possible uses in healthcare. Three models with progressing sizes and functionality will cover most needs and use-areas.

eumar bespoke

Developed together with you

Customize your own! We tailor products precisely for your project, starting from 50 bathrooms.

Individual concept projects.

Starting from 50 bathrooms. at phone call distance!

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