why eumar

At Eumar you will find a wide range of stylish and practical washbasins. From petite basins to feature-sized pieces, Eumar’s washbasins come in every size and shape. They can be wall mounted, table mounted or integrated, and are suitable for residential and commercial use.

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extensive selection

Explore our extensive selection of bathroom outfits „Shop the look“ and discover the perfect combination of products to suit your unique style and needs.

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shop the look

With ‘Shop the Look’ we address an actual need of our customers and we create significant added value, since they can now directly shop complete bathroom outfits and search for alternative products with a single click. This makes our customer portal very user friendly, saves a lot of time and eliminate possible mistakes when ordering.

Under-cabinet LED lighting is integrated into the underside of shelving and cabinetry, adding striking practicality. The LED lighting is both functional and intelligent, as it not only assists nighttime visits but also creates a greater sense of space by banishing lingering dark shadows.

One of Eumar’s signature design elements is the integrated towel bar. Conveniently located at the front of each washbasin, this clever design ensures a seamless and streamlined aesthetic.

The hidden tissue box holder provides a stylish solution to a practical requirement. The holder is seamlessly integrated behind the front panel of the washbasin.

The hidden toilet paper roll holder is seamlessly integrated behind the front panel of the washbasin, with room for a spare roll as well. Toilet paper is simply dispensed from below.

The modern design of this rimless paper waste bin is elevated above the floor, simplifying your cleaning routine. The bin slots in under the shelf or vanity top and simply slides out when it requires emptying.

Eumar washbasins are characterized by their sophisticated combination of minimalist design and maximum functionality.

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futuristic vision

Washbasin design is evolving in new and exciting directions as our requirements shift. No longer satisfied with using soiled water in a plugged basin, we prefer a continuous yet economical flow of clean water. This observation has LED to a change in Eumar’s design approach. Without the need to hold water, basins can be slim, elegant and sculptural and drains can be made in unusual intriguing ways.

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hidden drains

It is extremely rare to come across a basin without an obvious drain. It is far more usual that an otherwise nicely designed basin is marred by a recessed drain complete with a metal rim and strainer.

Eumar has perfected the art of hidden drains. By hiding the drain beneath an elegant drain cover, the surface of the basin becomes a continuous plane across which water can seamlessly flow.

The technology used by Eumar enables each specific order to be configured to the precise requirements of the room in which the washbasin will be integrated. If the size you require isn’t a standard size, we can create a custom order to the nearest millimetre.

washbasins for people with reduced mobility

Eumar’s range has also washbasins adapted for people with reduced mobility. Those certain washbasins should be produced and installed concidering some rules: the top of the washbasin should be positioned at maximum height of 850 mm and there should be a free area at least 300 mm deep, at a height of 700 mm, underneath the washbasin to allow easy access for wheelchair users.