The Ovo collection presents a trilogy of geometries – round, oval and rectangular. The thin rectangular geometries of the console system and parallel wall mounted shelves complement the round mirrors and oval shower, washbasins, shower, freestanding bathtubs.

The sleek, organic forms that comprise the washbasin and bathtub are created with innovative creacore and promise to be the feature of your bathroom.

The freestanding bathtub in the Ovo collection has been designed as a centerpiece. Confident in its allure, this bathtub offers the ultimate in pampering and relaxation.

The combination of geometries presented by the Ovo collection creates a cozy atmosphere. The user is invited to leave stress behind as they retreat into the nurturing embrace of a harmonious fusion of luxury and tranquility.

The Ovo freestanding washbasin is suited to bathrooms of all sizes. Its unique design is both ornamental and practical, as it requires very little floor space but strikes a bold figure and works especially well as a pair.

No matter how large or small your bathroom may be, there is a Tondo mirror that will suit. These stunning mirrors come in three sizes (ø500, 600 and 800mm), and have an integrated LED strip that provides an ambient backlight.

The Ovo collection deserves a unique setting, and the contrast here between exposed red bricks and the white silky matte creacore solid surface ovo pillar washbasins is simply stunning. The reflections in the Tondo mirrors add an element of depth and intriguing materiality.

One of the benefits of creocore bathware is that its material properties are simply stunning against any backdrop. Whites, grays and black offer a cool, contemporary backdrop to the Ovo collection.

The focal point of this bathroom is the stunning freestanding Ovo bathtub, which commands attention and deservedly so. Its alluring design suggests hours of relaxation and blissful peace.

The beautiful design of the Ovo collection was made for display. As you can see, the bathroom need not be hidden away any longer. Embrace the new trend in bathroom design with this effortlessly stylish collection from Eumar.

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