Projects where we are adding stars: Park Hotel Viljandi

The Park Hotel in Viljandi, Estonia is an award-winning refurbishment project completed in 2018 and now featuring bathrooms supplied by Eumar.

The neo-Renaissance building of Park Hotel at Laidoner square in Viljandi Old Town was built in 1910 as a hotel by Andres Ormesson, an Estonian businessman. Unfortunately, over the years the hotel had fallen into a state of disrepair until the building was acquired by its current owners at auction in 2018.

They immediately set about not only restoring its original beauty but also modernising and bringing it up to date with the latest design and architectural trends.


To enact this modernisation project they called on Estonian architecture firm KAOS architects while they kept the building’s beautiful exterior true to its historical look, the inside of the hotel was almost completely reimagined.

The hotel is now centred around the high glass-roofed atrium, which was remodelled from an inner courtyard. The original (formerly external) red brick walls have been restored and complemented with inviting wooden bridges at different heights to cosy up the rough and stony fabric of the atrium and provide passageways to some of the rooms. 

Eumar adding a touch of style to the bathrooms

To ensure that the very highest aesthetic standards were carried through every part of the refurbishment, KAOS called on Eumar to deliver our signature mix of functionality and design excellence to the guest bathrooms.

The big challenge was to give each room its own character while maintaining a unity of design and style, and we delivered on this by creating a unique bathtub for each bathroom. This fully customised approach means we delivered a series of bathrooms, each of the very highest quality and with our signature seamless design. The bathrooms are extremely ergonomic and feature clean lines and a spacious feel throughout.

As hotel manager Kristjan Saar says: “Park Hotel in Viljandi is an excellent example of the successful cooperation between clients, builders and architects. The original architecture is skilfully integrated with contemporary interior solutions. I’m glad to say that people often visit the hotel out of mere curiosity and we have thus acquired many new customers and cooperation partners. The character of the building definitely supports our daily work environment.”

We are extremely proud to have contributed to this amazing project. The project was the winner of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture/restoration/reconstruction in 2019 and also won the Estonian Association of Interior Architects annual award 2019.

Park hotel viljandi reconstruction

Location: Johan Laidoneri plats 8, Viljandi, Estonia

Reconstruction: Margit Argus, Margit Aule, Kaiko Kerdmann (KAOS Architects)
Kalju Kisand (Arhitektuuribüroo K+K)
worked together with Maris Kerge
Project Manager: Rein Velja
Total Area: 1800m2
Completed: 2018
Commissoner and Constructor: Astlanda Ehitus

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