Project where we are adding stars: The Edge Class Cruise Line

The Edge Class is a groundbreaking series of cruise ships operated by Celebrity Cruises, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Constructed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in France, these ships represent the pinnacle of modern maritime engineering and luxury. Currently, the Edge Class comprises four active ships: Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Beyond, and Celebrity Ascent. A fifth ship, Celebrity Xcel, is currently under construction, set to join the fleet in Autumn 2025.

Why Edge Class Ships Are Special

The Edge Class ships by Celebrity Cruises represent a significant leap in luxury cruising, characterized by innovative design, advanced technology, and a strong focus on sustainability. Notable features include the “Magic Carpet,” a versatile tangerine glass platform that moves up and down the ship’s exterior, serving as a bar and lounge on Deck 16, an extension of the pool area on Deck 14, an al fresco dining venue on Deck 5, and a tender platform for embarkation on Deck 2. Another standout is the “Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda,” which seamlessly integrates the balcony into the stateroom for enhanced space and immersive views. These ships are equipped with tri-fuel-capable engines that can run on methanol, supporting Celebrity Cruises’ goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

The ships offer luxurious amenities, including The Retreat’s exclusive comfort and personalized service, diverse dining options, and unique entertainment venues like Eden and the Rooftop Garden. Combined with Celebrity Cruises’ impeccable service, these features redefine modern cruising. Additionally, the ships provide numerous recreational activities, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable journey for all guests. Every aspect of the Edge Class is designed to offer an unparalleled cruise experience, blending opulence with environmental responsibility.

The Celebrity Xcel, the fifth Edge-class ship, features 15 decks and a capacity of 3,260 passengers at double occupancy, supported by a crew of 1,400. This ship is notable for its tri-fuel-capable engine, providing the flexibility to use methanol, a first for the fleet. The Celebrity Xcel offers unmatched sustainability features and luxurious accommodations while continuing the Edge Class’s iconic design elements such as the Magic Carpet and infinite verandas.

Eumar Design plays a crucial role in enhancing the luxury experience aboard the Edge Class ships. Our award-winning, bespoke bathroom solutions contribute to the overall ambience and comfort, underscoring the attention to detail and quality that sets these ships apart. On the latest ship, Celebrity Xcel, Eumar’s innovative designs ensure that each bathroom stands out, increasing guest satisfaction and enhancing the property’s value.

“Through innovative and bespoke solutions for five-star bathrooms which stand out and increase guest satisfaction and conversion rate of the property, we are helping cruise ship asset owners and operators optimize their profitability and increase ROI of fleet portfolios.”

We at Eumar are proud to be a part of Celebrity Xcel, contributing our expertise to the ship’s luxurious and sustainable design, and continuing our legacy of excellence in maritime design!

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