Design Concept: First Hotel Jessheim

When Eumar was asked to supply a proposal for bathrooms in the First Hotel Jessheim, our design team jumped at the opportunity to create something amazing and unique. The hotel, designed by SPOL Architects is situated in Jessheim, Norway and occupies former farmland between suburban housing and fields, local streets and European road system, a small city and the international network of Oslo airport. The design of the building is a blend of futurism and the unorthodox, with the undulating oval shape mimicking the flow of the hills surrounding Jessheim. We knew that we would have to bring this same innovative approach to creating bathrooms that would grab a visitor’s attention and hold it.
the design concept

Our unique Townhall washbasin forms the focal point of the design for this hotel concept. It creates a feeling of space and luxury. Coupled with the convenient and wide shelf and rimless wastebin, these elements are perfectly balanced to maximize limited space, with nothing out of place or crowded together.

It is made using our unique CreaCore process, which means there are no joints or separate parts – just one perfectly designed and seamless basin.

Bathrooms with limited space often need clever solutions for storing amenities. Not only the built-in wall shelf is a beautiful design element, but it also helps to save space and adds value to the bathroom with its functional purpose.

A shower screen is functional but it can also be a design statement. Frameless shower screen has the edge and really does give it the wow factor. Also it is a great solution if the bathroom space is limited and you want to give more spacious atmosphere to it. 

The rest of the design continues the concept, with a non-porous hygienic shower, also created using CreaCore. Hidden plumbing throughout helps maximize the available space.

As always, we place a high value on choosing the perfect mirror to complement and to create the illusion of expansive space. In this case, we have chosen the Ambi Due mirror, but we’ve added some extremely important extras. An anti-fogging heating element means that the mirror remains fog-free regardless of the amount of steam in the bathroom, while a strategically placed cosmetic zoom mirror is great for tasks that require attention to detail.

While the construction of the hotel has been put on hold for the time being, we feel our design really shows how Eumar manages to exceed customer expectations and deliver something unique and awe-inspiring every time we attempt something new.

designed to inspire, made to experience

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