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why eumar

Combining elegant sculptural design with unrivalled quality and performance, Eumar freestanding bathtubs make a stunning, artistic centerpiece for any bathroom. Investment in a Eumar freestanding bathtub will add value to your life as well as your home, and will last a lifetime.
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Freestanding baths

Freestanding bathtubs by Eumar are an island of tranquility. Whether oval, round or rectangular, these bathtubs elicit feelings of relaxation and wellness.

Combining elegantly sculptural design with unrivalled quality and performance, eumar freestanding bathtubs make a stunning statement in any bathroom.

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Unlike the coldness of solid stone or cast iron, the materials used by eumar feel warm to the touch, and offer exceptional heat insulation and scratch resistant properties.

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Ergonomic design

The freestanding Olympia bathtub is eyecatching. Made from CreaCore in an alluring shape, it provides the ideal vessel for relaxation and comfort in your home spa or hotel ensuite. The Olympia bathtub is beautifully complemented by t-line shelves.

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Stand-alone design

Freestanding bathtubs are designed with every angle in mind, making them the perfect sculptural element to act as a focal point for the bathroom.

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Organic, slim shape

The organic, slim shape of the Ovo freestanding bathtub gives the overwhelming feeling of bathing in a natural pool. Its non-porous surface is hygienic, durable, uv-resistant, scratch-resistant and effortless to clean.

The Ovo bathtub is the perfect example of design creativity and research. Combining comfort and style, this solid CreaCore creation has a silky matte finish and is the ultimate in contemporary design.

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Designed with the naturally comforting shape of an egg-shell in mind, the ovo bathtub is ideal for everyday rituals and special occasions alike.

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The Ovo bathtub is designed to provide a sensation of vitality and luxurious relaxation. Its attention is always on your comfort. The Ovo collection includes a wide range of options to match any bathroom requirements.

There are bathtubs available for a wide range of installation possibilities, from freestanding to niche wall or corner installations.

All bathtubs are made from CreaCore solid surfaces which offer a pleasantly warm surface-feel.

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Stefano bathtub

Customization is in high demand. With the Stefano bathtub, the top surface can be customized to any size for niche integration, so you won’t need to build any extension islands which can be difficult to clean and can look unsightly.

The Stefano bathtub is exemplary, and epitomizes the modernist style of the Invictus collection. Sleek engineered walls transform the monolithic form from a simple bathtub to a sculptured sanctuary. Available in two sizes: 1850x730mm and 2150x760mm, the four models in the Stefano range are also available in right and left corner options, monolithic or built-in.

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Madeira bathtub

Madeira bathtub is a stunning piece of luxury, it has smart and very efficient shape. It suits variety of installation situations, for self-standing version or against backwall, left or right corner or even niche installation.