More than 90 % of your success is determined by your “reference group”. Your reference group is defined as the people with whom you habitually identify and associate the most. You are like a chameleon in that you take on the attitudes, behaviours, values, and beliefs of the people you deal with the most. If you want to be successful, associate with positive people!

Eumar has been following this principle for almost 30 years. This principle also sets the course for the constant growth of our brand presence and our global sales network. We are therefore looking for people who are interested in an aesthetically and architecturally dynamic environment, a long-term business concept, and share our passion for Eumar brand.

The success of Eumar’s bathrooms stands in style and the uniqueness of our skillfully crafted bathroom atmosphere, made of valuable and precious materials. Eumar product is now sold worldwide in high-end cruise ships, residential and commercial developments and is the benchmark for innovative, exclusive bathroom design.

This concept is based on creative and innovative thinking, flexibility of technology, versatile of material and with that on exceeding expectation of the customers, adding comfort and aesthetics to people’s life, bringing meaningful contribution to evolution of bathroom industry.

eumar works with highly motivated partners who share the desire to provide premium experience to their customers.


I am property and Developer


I am architect and interior designer


I am constructor and installer


I am distributor, wholesaler and showroom retailer


I am agent and dealmaker


I want to build my career at Eumar

Expectations on bathroom design are higher than ever before, customers are searching for exclusive and innovative solutions. This is where Eumar partner program will help you get your business to a whole new level.

Attract the attention of Your customers with truly unique products!
Our range includes unique and wide range of environmentally friendly washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays and much more. Our unique and eco-friendly products come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and amazing prices.

Becoming Eumar dealers means being able to differentiate oneself from others, taking advantage of the international reputation of the brand and fully achieving the expectations of the most demanding private and professional clients, thanks to an essential and sophisticated atmosphere and wide range of product. That creates a unique and strongly distinctive atmosphere compared to the traditional distribution of the bathroom.

Furthermore, becoming a Eumar Ambassador means being able to make the most of an important set of dedicated services, which among others include: digital communication strategy and advertising, events, staff training, dedicated customer care services and customer design support.

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We are looking forward to sharing our success with you!

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