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why eumar

Eumar’s collection of accessories includes stylish integrated and modular accessories that merge modern design, contemporary materials and detailed research for maximum style and comfort.
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The modular series of towel bars and shelves are designed to blend harmoniously with every style of bathroom. The stylish and simple creacore solid surface provides an ideal space for bathroom amenities.

make your bathing experience as relaxing as possible with a conveniently located t-line shelf and towel bar beside your bathtub so that everything you need is close to hand.

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t-line shelving is the perfect addition for any shower, as its timeless design is complementary to all eumar product lines.

The modern design of this rimless paper waste bin is elevated above the floor, simplifying your cleaning routine. The bin slots in under the shelf or vanity top and simply slides out when it requires emptying.

The innovative electric towel warmer tube doubles as a room heater when two or more are installed. It comes in chrome or black, and can be positioned in any orientation according to your design vision. Power consumption is 30w per bar.

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Concealed cisterns

Wall cladding for a concealed toilet cistern is made from one piece. This reduces construction time, eliminates unsightly joints, and creates a seamless aesthetic that perfectly complements Eumar shower trays which are also made with a stone effect texture.

The Eumar sanitary module pocket offers easy one-step installation that requires no construction or finishing work, no plasterboard installation and no tiling. It is available in an almost unlimited choice of colours and textures (subject to minimum orders).