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Amber touchless faucet (brushed nickel)
sku: 299-3205-03

Automatic touchless deck-mounted faucets and soap dispensers Amber are hygienic and water efficient solution for your bathroom or public restrooms, such as schools, hospitals, airports, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas. Using sensor beams the automatic faucet or soap dispenser determines when an object is in front of it and automatically turns on and automatically turn off when there is no motion.

Benefits of automatic touchless faucets and soap dispensers:
– Help to avoid spreading germs and grime, eliminate bacteria from being spread from person to person
– Reduces water waste by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow.
– Gives patrons confidence that their restroom experience will be clean, comfortable, and convenient.

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Contents of the package
Package include:
1. Touchless faucet Amber (brushed nickel finish)
2. Control box (for faucet only)
3. Installation and operation manual
4. Cardboard packaging
5. Faucet protective cover
6. Power adapter (for AC power supply)
7. Battery case (for DC power supply)
8. Control box wall fixing bracket with 2 screws
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