Introducing the CreaCore solid surface laptop holder

Eumar is a brand known for creating beautiful and functional bathroom space solutions made of composite stone. However as we have discovered, we also love to help our customers organize their working spaces with a innovative product – a laptop holder.

This product is a non-commercial item we recently developed as a signature business gift for our customers.

This space-saving laptop holder is seamlessly made of CreaCore solid surface by Eumar. It shows the flexibility of our composite stone casting technology.

laptop holder case study

Many people prefer to connect their laptop to a PC monitor. Whether at home or at the office finding the perfect space  is often a challenge. We know it because we’ve struggled with this ourselves. After some extensive research, we realized that there aren’t many great options available to solve this problem.

Therefore we finally developed a new product ourselves. Our laptop holder provides more space to your working area while adding a stylish touch to your desk. 

Eumar’s Vertical Stand allows you to keep your laptop nearby without distracting your workflow or cramping the workspace.

Simply place your laptop in the slim, space-saving Vertical Stand and you are ready to work! Once in the stand, your laptop is elevated and safe from potential coffee or water spills during a hectic workday.

As a result, We believe that most importantly by developing this product, we have followed our company’s mission statement. Our mission is to add comfort, beauty, and functionality to people’s lives.

Many people have suggested that we start manufacturing the Vertical Stand for sale. Above all Eumar’s central focus is and always will be providing products and services for bathrooms. so we have decided to keep the Vertical Stand as a once-off.

It will continue serving its original purpose as our company’s signature business give-away sample to our cooperation partners.

vertical notebook details

The space-saving holder is seamlessly made of CreaCore© solid surface by Eumar to present the quality and flexibility of our composite stone casting technology.

  • Vertical notebook holder frees up valuable desk space
  • Increases airflow around the notebook to keep it cooler
  • Safe from potential coffee or water spills during a hectic workday
  • Compatible with most laptops and tablets on the market
  • Made of silky matte white CreaCore solid surface material, always pleasant and warm in touch.

Not our customer yet? Please contact us now and we’ll show you how Eumar is changing the bathroom industry with our amazing range of products.

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