lightweight® – reduce your cruise ship bathroom fixtures weight by up to 50%!

about lightweight® technology

We are very proud to have invented lightweight® technology. The material we use to make bathroom furniture weighs less than anything else on the market, is repairable and is also antimicrobial. It really is a game changer!

The weight of the product depends on the density of the mineral filler. The product density of the “Eumar Standard” cast marble material is in the range of 1.75-1.96 g/cm³. By using special, high-quality raw materials, we can reduce the weight of the product made of the new “Eumar Lightweight” material by up to 50%. This cannot affect the quality or strength of the material. This raw material is, for example, particularly popular in the shipbuilding and shipyard industry.

weight equals money!

Within 10-15 years of cruise ship operation, using our innovative materials significantly impacts cost savings and reduces environmental impact, ensuring the achievement of the highest ROI for cruise ship owners. We are the inventors of a material whose density is two times lighter than other materials.

We recover 40,000 kg per cruise ship project, equivalent to a saving of 1,000,000 euros for the cruise ship owner.

For example, our 2021 project on the cruise ship AIDA COSTA ASIA reduced the weight from 90,000 kg to 47,000 kg! That’s a remarkable achievement in today’s world of the shipping industry. And that’s not all – in the past we have had many projects where we have saved up to 50% of the weight for the shipbuilding industry.

These include cruise ships projects of the following:

and many more to come!

towards a more environmentally friendly future

This new material is particularly popular for offshore and shipbuilding projects where weight is critical, impacting fuel economy and/or increasing payload. But that’s not all!

Lightweight® also has a big impact on the environment, as its durability and resistance make it environmentally friendly. Thanks to its composite stone material and formula, it can also be recycled and repaired. Our Lightweight® is a seamless composite stone with a durable gel coat layer and a smooth, glossy finish. The best features of Lightweight® are seamless and hygienic, non-porous and anti-bacterial, easy to maintain, repairable and renewable, and thermal shock resistant.

When planning efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly cruise ship projects, the weight of the products becomes more and more important. For every 1000 kg of weight, another liter of petrol is needed, which is consumed and pollutes the environment. It also has a negative impact on the floating characteristics of the ship.

To learn more about our materials please visit the page here!

Weight equals money!


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