Let’s make 100% Antimicrobial® surfaces a new standard!

If we have learned something in this and previous year is that we can never be too prepared and our health is our biggest asset! This is why we would like to introduce to you Eumar’s 100% Antimicrobial®  surfaces to provide our clients with the maximal hand hygiene experience to prevent infections and diseases. This crisis has taught us, that everyone should contribute to creating a safer environment and this is one of our main goals during these difficult times.

We all are actively involved in the development of environmentally advanced solutions for a world worth living in. Because how we influence today will truly mark how well we live tomorrow. 

eumar antimicrobial surfaces

Did you know, that antimicrobial surface works like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading. Antimicrobial material safely, quickly, and efficiently eliminates up to 99.9% of surface bacteria’s and viruses, helping to create a clean, worry-free environment for the users. As a result of this testing, antimicrobial technology was proven effective with a reduction of 90% in 2 hours against feline coronavirus.

Eumar Design’s CEO Arkadi Berman says: The risk of contracting an infection is real. Hand hygiene is the most important factor in preventing this. We lead the market by providing the primary human need for hand hygiene, one of the most effective ways to fight various bacteria, viruses, and infections. Through improved user experience and aesthetic enjoyment in hand hygiene, we prevent infections and help to save people’s lives.”

time to give back to the world

Last year we decided it’s our duty to take our part in fighting the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. If so far 100% Antimicrobial® protection was a subject for the addon of ~ 10% to the price of the product then since October 2020 we are bringing this material add-on technology as a standard to all Eumar washbasins without any additional cost. From now on we will offer all our CreaCore, CreaCoat, and GelCeramic material products with antimicrobial protection as default.

To all marine and cruise industry customers, I also would like to remind you that we also have our invented lightweight formula which allows us to reduce up to 50% of the weight. This also comes as standard for all marine industry projects.

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100% Antimicrobial®– a lifetime effective antimicrobial protection!


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