Cruise ship bathroom renovation

Cruise-ship bathroom renovation offers a great opportunity to upgrade interior design. Refurbishment to the modern bathroom can add value and bring design to the next level without excessive effort. Eumar has been providing cruise ships with custom bathroom solutions for over 25 years.

A bathroom is that small but special part of your personal space where the day begins and wonderful ideas are born. In hospitality, it can make or break a deal when it comes to the first impression and user experience. Modern materials and seamless design will not only impress your guests but can also significantly reduce maintenance efforts and costs.

Modern luxury

cruise liners must incorporate ultimate luxury, impeccable interiors, and details tuned to perfection, providing high-end design and comfort for guests at every step. the bathroom, usually a room with limited space but huge functionality needs, has always been a design challenge. the small, specific dimensions and custom-made bathware make it complicated to bring modernization to a bathroom’s overall design.

designers and planners involved in ship refurbishment often use the same model of bathware to save effort and time. but teams that dare to think outside the box have long been coming up with outstanding comprehensive design solutions without exceeding allowed times or costs. customization professionals do this daily.

eumar’s manufacturing technology allows the size and configuration of each room to be taken into account. washbasin dimensions are adjustable to 1mm according to clients’ wishes. eumar is made up of not just manufacturers, but also design professionals that will suggest which edges to cut, and where to integrate litter bins, dispensers and towel holders. clients can order bathware the same size and dimensions as those of an existing room with modern design and integrated accessories

Integrated itineraries

Eumar can be part of creating this special space: it can improve customer experience, improve clients’ ratings with modern designs and lower maintenance costs. By providing drawings of current washbasins or simply the required dimensions, clients can have Eumar create a design that is modern and functional, incorporating integrated facilities and furnishings with a personalized approach.


The ‘mirror television’ is a new and still-undervalued idea in bathroom design. One of the first things guests see every morning is their bathroom mirror. Companies should take advantage of that moment by making a mirror into a promotional channel. A small smart-screen integrated into a mirror and connected to a central system can display information about upcoming events and activities onshore – or simply weather forecasts or restaurant menus, if nothing else comes to mind. Whatever you want to say, a mirror television can make sure that each visitor will see it at the moment it matters most.

Eumar’s cruise-ship references include:

  • Aida Prima (Aida Cruises)
  • Aida Sfinks (Aida Cruises)
  • Aida Luna (Aida Cruises)
  • Aida Diva (Aida Cruises)
  • Disney Dream (Disney Cruise Line)
  • Century (Celebrity Cruises)
  • Pride of Hawaii (Norwegian Cruise Line)
  • Rhapsody of the Seas (Royal Caribbean).

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