LED iluminated bathroom mirrors

Central spot of a bathroom should obviously be occupied by a mirror which is a very essential element of any bathrooms decoration.

When it comes to bathrooms designs I always feel the designs are incomplete without a LED feature mirror .. granted any mirror will do the job but you can’t beat the ambience from a led mirror ..

Gorgeous size LED mirror AmbiDue with flash-mount incorporated make-up zoom mirror and illumination around, anti-fog heating
Same room, but with less of light on ceiling

We don’t believe in regular mirrors anymore. Mirrors have to be spotlighting with LED. It is such a small investment, but make completely different look of your total bathroom.

Especially when you think that it will work for you for next 10-15 or even 20 years without any additional investments and will last.

what is the roi of led mirrors then? count! if you anyhow think of putting regular mirrors you should consider that probably after some 4-5 years those will be out of the market completely, so you will need to remodel your bathrooms much earlier.

ac hotel marriott

Bathroom lighting does matter a lot. Especially for ladies who love to wear makeup.

CreaCore framed iluminated mirror Tondo 800

Mirror with extremely nice effect illumination around will popup your bathroom and make real difference

Installing an illuminated mirror is an easy way to add a touch of class to your bathroom without much effort and a need for a major renovation. Eumar has an incredible selection of contemporary mirrors in different shapes and sizes, all featuring energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing LED lighting.

Bathroom mirrors from Eumar are designed to add style and function to your bathroom. Among our product range you can find contemporary collections of LED mirrors. View our selection of bathroom mirrors and find the right one to complement your space. Whether you’re looking for that wow-factor infinity mirror, or something a little more understated, there’s a product that’s just right for you.

CreaCore framed LED iluminated mirrors adds a sophisticated touch to any bathroom.
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