Bringing modern design to cruise ship bathrooms

Eumar has been supplying the marine industry with custom cruise ship bathrooms for over 25 years, expertly meeting the challenges and exacting standards of this industry.

The importance of ergonomics and design in cruise ship bathrooms cannot be overstated, but the restricted space and limitations of layout offer a unique set of challenges.

the importance of luxury in cruise ship bathrooms

Interior design has the power to inspire you or leave you decidedly unimpressed. Besides the beautiful design, it has to deliver comfort and functionality. Cruise ship cabin can be a retreat after a busy day ashore. This also applies to the cabin’s bathroom. It adds something special to the cruise experience for those who enjoy quiet and private time on their cruise vacation

A bathroom on a cruise ship may be small, but it is a very personal space for guests.

First impressions are vital, and can often colour a guest’s opinion of the entire cruise, so the use of modern materials, seamless design and state-of-the-art equipment can often make or break a guest’s enjoyment of their whole holiday.

cruise ship bathrooms with personality

The challenge for many cruise ship owners is how to bring modernisation and quality design to this intimate space.
Many designers and planners are happy to use very usual design fittings and fixtures, which leads to their bathrooms being characterless and dull. But those who dare to think differently find that they can acquire a bit of love with interior design to surprise and delight his own customer.

At Eumar, innovation and creativity is part of our company’s ethos.

Unlike any other, Eumar have a dedicated and highly skilled in-house design team who love the challenge of coming up with the perfect solution to the obstacles offered up by each project. With the fundamental and leading experience of our professional product design team and our unique innovative approach, we are developing the bathrooms of tomorrow.

We always gain for the best functional and ergonomically aspects with the highest accuracy to the details and overall aesthetics to this important and intimate area, that highly impacts customer experience.
To accomplish the best results, we are focusing on aspects like the use of lightweight materials, ease of care, sustainability and the highest return of the investment (ROI) to the ship owners.

the value of a cruise ship bathroom

When a cruise liner takes the decision to build or modernize their bathrooms, they are unlocking a significant amount of value.
It can improve customer experience and ratings with modern designs and lower maintenance costs. By providing us with drawings of their current washbasins or simply the required dimensions, clients can have Eumar created a bespoke design that is not only modern and beautiful but also extremely functional. Our aim is always to create integrated facilities and furnishings with a personalized approach that communicate ship owner attitude related to its own customers, to meet and often exceed each client’s unique expectations.

Eumar has supplied bathrooms to some of the leading cruise ship companies in the world.

Our mission is to help to deliver unforgettable and positive experiences to cruise travelers with our bathrooms.

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