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reddot award 2024

The washbasin system 5th Avenue Collection impresses with its independent design language with clear edges and surfaces.

Discover the diverse elegance of the “5th Avenue” aesthetic, where design serves multiple purposes. Each washbasin in this collection is tailored for the luxurious ambiance of hotels, the comfort of residential suites, or the practicality of public restrooms.

The “5th Avenue” collection transforms every washroom it adorns. More than mere fixtures, these basins are a testament to immaculate design, superior hygiene, and an exceptional user experience in private, semi-public, or public spaces.

The first category of the “5th Avenue” collection harmoniously blends traditional charm with contemporary flair. Each washbasin is designed to enrich the existing decor with a touch of luxury, enhancing the classic beauty of furniture it accompanies.

For spaces that demand a modern touch, the second category of the “5th Avenue” collection stands as a paragon of contemporary resilience. These washbasins echo the sleek appeal of metallic architecture, infusing a durable and stylish edge into any modern bathroom.

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sleek space savers

“5th Avenue” offers ingenious solutions for compact and contemporary spaces with its third category. Wall-mounted basins provide a chic space-saving option, ensuring a minimalist and organized bathroom aesthetic.

With a design philosophy centered on inclusivity, the “5th Avenue” collection ensures each washbasin is accessible for individuals with reduced mobility. Ergonomically optimized for comfort and ease of use, these basins are strategically designed to accommodate wheelchair users without sacrificing style.