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you never get a second chance to make a first impression

Majority of your customers evaluate the quality of your institution while visiting your bathroom. It should be functional, clean and add eye-popping aesthetics.

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or expansive commercial complex, bathrooms for patrons should be viewed as an opportunity to project your brand’s personality. This frequently visited room is well appreciated by guests, and if it has modern amenities and cutting-edge style, it will have a positive impact on their overall customer experience.

Maintaining spotless, hygienic bathrooms will impress guests and help ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Public bathrooms are designed to serve masses of people simultaneously. This sets high standards for durability, user comfort and ease of maintenance, making each detail essential. Composite stone surface washbasins with integrated accessories will build a seamless washing area that is pleasant to use, long lasting and easy to keep clean.

Public spaces such as airports, museums, and government buildings are visited and used by large numbers of people. Functionality, durability, sustainability, safety, and aesthetics are important.

When designing a commercial bathroom, functionality and style preferences blend to create a space that not only serves a necessary purpose, but creates a lavish, enjoyable experience.

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hygiene safety

Safety and hygiene are important. Choosing the right product is essential. Eumar washbasins are non-porous, easy to maintain, easily renewable and repairable, coated with 100% Antimicrobial protection effective against different bacteria’s and viruses for its lifetime.

Completely customizable wash-areas with long surfaces and integrated accessories like LED illuminated mirrors, automatic faucets and integrated dispensers is an established standard in public bathroom wash-areas.

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The collection of modular elements characterized by an ongoing play between functionality and design. Vini, Vidi, vichi! Most popular sizes with 24H dispatch guarantee.

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eumar bespoke

Developed together with you

Customize your own! We tailor products precisely for your project, starting from 50 bathrooms.

Individual concept projects.

Starting from 50 bathrooms. at phone call distance!

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