500 useful days to Expo2020

The 1st ever Estonian Pavilion webinar was held  in Tallinn with the support of Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.


8 companies, Nortal Eumar Design AlphaBlues YANU Robotics Net Group Ltd GoSwift Semetron AS & Viljandi Windows and Doors, presented their newest innovative ideas that are becoming increasingly important in our changed world.


Majority of the listeners were almost 3000 miles away in UAE, where Expo2020 Dubai will take place in 2021. 

Eumar Design CEO & Chief Designer was invited to speak at the event.  If you missed the webinar and would like to know how Estonian companies are shaping the future, then you can watch the recording below. Eumar Design presentation starts at 18:49

 will be for sure at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and connecting minds in the recovery period after the COVID 19 crisis and we at Eumar Design also focus on developing solutions that help us continue living our lives in a safer way.


At the same time, aesthetics and great design are in our company DNA, so we decided to combine two of the totally different worlds- highest medical standards of safety and sophisticated luxury. Would you like to have a bespoke luxury product in your facilities, which not stands out with it stunning design and great functionality but is also built according to the highest medical standards and is 100% antimicrobial?

I'm incredibly proud and excited to share with you that my dream team once again made the impossible possible. We will be sharing our newest innovation on 10.10.2020.
Arkadi berman, CEO & Chief designer

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