Marine Interiors Forum

In September Eumar Design CEO, Arkadi Berman, was invited to give a talk at the Marine Interiors Forum 2019, held in Hamburg, Germany.
It is always an honor to share Eumar’s vision and philosophy with others in the Cruise industry, and as one of the leading expos of its kind, this was an especially illustrious event.

exhibitor session

The Interiors Forum, Exhibitor Session was held in September 11-13 in Hamburg, Germany joined with Marine Interiors Cruise & Ferry Global Expo

Altogether there were 9 performing exhibitors and every exhibitor had the opportunity to perform with a 15-minute presentation to introduce their latest innovations and product highlights.

perfect opportunity to introduce Eumar

Having this opportunity offered to us, we were very glad to accept it. Our CEO, Arkadi Berman, gave a concise presentation about Eumar company, its products and mission. 

Starting with an introduction about Eumar company the presentation continued with an addition overview about Eumar extensive marine industry portfolio among with introducing our Marine collection and other product design examples.

As Eumar manufactures and supplies luxury composite stone bathrooms to many prestigious cruise ships in the world, performing at the Marine Interiors Forum was a perfect opportunity to share our vision and to give an overview  of how we provide interior design support for cruise ship fleets.

We are sending our thanks to organizers of Marine Interiors Forum 2019 for inviting us to perform.

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