How Eumar built a showroom on wheels

At Eumar we’ve always believed that innovation and great design go hand-in-hand, and our mobile showroom is the perfect example of how we bring this belief to life.

In the design business, we face a constant challenge – how to showcase our products to the widest range of people possible, in the best possible way.

It is vitally important that we are represented at as many industry events and exhibitions as humanly possible, but the nature of our products and the fact that we want to showcase them across the entirety of the European continent presents a serious logistical challenge.
It is simply too expensive and time-consuming to ship individual items from country-to-country and assemble them each time, only to have to do it again a week or even a few days later.
the eumar showroom on wheels
The idea of a mobile showroom was one that we had been considering for a long time, in fact, we had spent seven years planning it, before taking another 18 months to build the final product.
The plan was to bring Eumar products and designs to every exhibition, for everyone to see and feel by themselves. The showroom appears at tradeshows, open houses, training seminars and other events across Europe. 
Once we decided that our showroom would be a robust, attractive trailer, we were faced with a serious dilemma: How would we showcase our broad range of products in limited space without it feeling cramped and claustrophobic? (The trailer is only 19.2 m²)
We wanted customers to be able to freely move around and interact with our products in a way that felt natural and showed off the painstaking attention we pay to the ergonomics of our interiors.
As always, our initial plan was massively ambitious, even futuristic. We’d envisioned a two-storey trailer featuring both a pool and a lounge area, but once we started looking at the practicalities we realised that we may have overshot. Creating this initial design would have required extensive rebuilding of the trailer frame, making the process even longer and with no guarantee that it would end up being successful.
So we reluctantly went back to the drawing board and removed some of the more outlandish aspects of the plan. Starting from the idea that we wanted to showcase as many products as possible in the limited space available, a new design was born.
the building process of the showroom on wheels
Once we had completed the 3D drawing designs of our showroom on wheels, we were ready to start building it.
Visitor comfort was the most important aspect of the build. We wanted visitors to have a great experience, which meant there had to be enough light, space and air to make it feel like an inspirational space where our designs and ideas take centre stage
We initially built a trailer with a base that was 12.5 metres long, using sandwich blocks due to their durability and quality. To keep the weight of the trailer as low as possible without compromising solidity, the frame was built from aluminium – after all, we were planning to have up to 15 bathrooms in there, which represented a lot of weight. After adding an extension which required a total rebuild of the framework, we were ready to install the walls.
Next up we started looking at the lighting inside the trailer. Our designs are above all a visual experience and clever lighting solutions were needed to showcase them to their best. Therefore we planned a few special spotlights into the showroom to highlight key products.
everything built by eumar
As with almost everything we do, we were confident that we had the needed expertise and creativity in the Eumar team to pull of this innovative project. Thus there was no outsourcing to interior designers or other specialists, apart from the lighting installation.
To manage all lights, sound equipment and interior temperatures we built a separate electric generator. Interior temperatures are controlled by the air-source heat pump and air-conditioning. Another challenge we faced was the appearance of the truck. It had to represent the company very well and at the same time arouse attention. The truck was overlaid with Eumar logos and specially produced stickers until we were happy with the design you see today.
IMG 3245
the final product - an exceptional showroom
Our showroom turned out to be perfect and we feel that it gives an exceptional experience to our customers.
Today it accommodates more than 15 fully equipped bathroom sets. It is filled with inspiration and ideas for interior design for homes and public bathroom areas and we regularly receive great feedback on how unique and amazing it is.
The Eumar showroom on wheels gives a quality of experience unmatched by anything you can see in a brochure or product video. Keep an eye out for our showroom on wheels at a design exhibition near you.

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How Eumar built a showroom on wheels