The MARINE INTERIORS Cruise and Ferry Global Expo

Eumar recently attended the Marine Interiors Cruise and Ferry Expo in the lovely German port city of Hamburg and we were incredibly excited to be at this leading industry event. Showcasing the latest in innovative design trends and featuring a variety of top-flight expert panels, we knew that Eumar would fit right in. The Expo is the perfect place to showcase our latest designs and groundbreaking cruise ship bathroom solutions to a huge audience. As one of more than 100 exhibitors who seized the opportunity to meet up with architects and designers as well as decision-makers from shipyards and shipping companies, we knew that we needed to stand out from the crowd.

the leading event for cruise ship interior design​

The cruise ship industry is undergoing phenomenal growth, and this expo was the first of its kind in Europe – focussing on the interior design of passenger cruise ships. While the fair offered a unique opportunity to meet industry players and conduct international dialogue, forge bonds between European and Asian companies and generate business contacts, the most important aspect was the focus on and celebration of design – which just happens to be Eumar’s forte.

Why exhibitions and event galas are important for us

Industry exhibitions give us the perfect chance to exchange valuable information with other participants, companies, and people who are just visitors. There is always something new to learn and knowledge to be gained. For example, we can gain a wide overview of the latest trends, developments, innovative solutions and even find out what the existing problems are that need to be solved. By learning from others we develop as a company and it motivates us to be more creative and keep up with the industry. 
According to Eumar CEO and lead designer Arkadi Berman, interviewed at the fair: “It was a great meeting point with all the industry professionals. I believe we surprised many people here with the uniqueness of our designs and our forward-thinking approach to the interior design of cruise ships. I believe we have made many quality contacts at the fair.”
We’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the fair and for all the kind words and compliments we received during our three days in Hamburg. We will definitely be back next year.

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