Eumar Design is a partner for Estonian pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai

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Eumar will be participating at Expo2020 Dubai in Estonian Pavilion among other 32 companies with important mission to raise awareness and image of Estonia and Estonian entrepreneurship.  That is big responsibility and honor for us! 


Dubai is one of the most important business cities in the world and Expo 2020 is a unique opportunity to reach thousands of people from different countries.


In addition to very ambitious business goals and a desire to find strategic partners in the Middle East, it is also an amazing opportunity to promote first-class bathroom design and functionality to a wider audience.

The Dubai EXPO will be like a "Business Olympics" with all the world's top players and we cannot be more proud to be one of them.
Arkadi berman, ceo & chief designer

estonian pavilion dubai expo2020

We will introduce our most innovative bathroom products to the world, including our state of the art Portal washbasin, Winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2020. Stay tuned!

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